77-Year-old Man Goes Back To School In Order To Collect Food Stamp

Old Man Goes Back To School To Collect Food Stamps

Persons who are unable to read or write are often seen as misareble and ready to attack, also given the worst definition of being illiterate.

The real sad truth behind it all is that in earlier time, our parents or fore-parents didn’t have help we have today.

Many have not even gotten the opportunity to attend school as poverty reigns or is still reigning in several families and so in order to survive many had started working as early as 5 years old.

This story is about one man who is currently making a big change in his life so he is able to at least sign his name on a piece of paper.

77-year-old Mr Noel Champigny, a resident of Clarendon had to take this bold step after learning that in order for him to collect food stamps, he needs go back to school, and learn how to sign his name.

With the help of the Goldbern Family, Mr. Champigny has been taking classes along with infant student at the Kilsyth Primary School located in Frankfield, Clarendon.

Mr Champigny said he did not get the chance in his time to attend school as how his parents wanted him to.Play Video

Be grateful of the opportunity you have for many wish they had the same.

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