How to Download a Zip File Album and get the songs

Hello, we are here to assist you on how to use a zip file when downloading albums, it is fast, well arranged in your library and saves time.

Follow these steps when downloading from MAGTRENDZ

1• Download 7Zipper App (Or Any Alternative)

You need to download 7Zipper or any unzipping app to assist you in the steps along. But we recommend 7Zipper.

2• Download The Zip File From MAGTRENDZ

Download the zip file from the site, wait for it to be downloaded.

3• Find The Zip File Using 7Zipper In Your Device

After opening 7Zipper, click on the sign you see on the image above. After clicking that, another page comes up, see image below

Now this page will lead you to where to find the zipped file, only you could tell where your downloaded files go to (Internal Storage Or Memory Card Storage). In most cases and most phones, you will find your downloaded file in Internal Storage.

Now you will search for the folder named Download, see image below

Now click on Download and search for the downloaded file, see image below

Now is the time to unzip the zipped file, after clicking on the zipped file on the above image, the image below appears

Now you will click on the box at the above image, after clicking…the box will look like the below image

LAST STEP: After clicking on the box above, click on OK…and wait for the file to get unzipped.

After the file is unzipped, you will find this in your Download Folder, see image below

That’s all, the complete tracks are all in the folder, in the image above!