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MAG Xclusive Chat Interview With MYB (@real_myb)

We Are Back once Again On MAG eXclusive Chat, On todays edition MAG Had A brief chat with a renown Artist By the Name MYB.

Check out the summary of the chat between MYB And MAG Reporter.

It feels really nice to Have you here, tell us how is life going with you i mean The hustle, The buzzling, the industry, i mean every thing!..shoot it please.

Am happy too to be here. well, the hustle ain’t an easy one tho but we’ve been making it happen with Jah by our side. But it is going well although am not there yet.


Tell us what you feel about the Ph music industry in general

Well, Ph has a whole lot of Talents that can make it grow larger than it is now but it is so difficult cos of the way the industry is been handle. many don’t see music over here as a business. but it is seen as something they do for fun. The earlier we come to the realization that music is a business the better for us.


So in what ways have you contributed in the growth of the Ph Industry, because your brand is like known around the major areas of the state.

Many of us have said a whole lot about the growth of port harcourt music industry but like i said it is not seen as a business. So we can only grow we come to that fact. But i see it moving to the next level. #PortHarcourtToTheWorld


Wow…great!..if you are given the opportunity to start up something be it big or Small like an event or something that you feel the state is lacking behind at what would it be?

I’ve been wanting to hold a life band concert here in Port Harcourt, But am still planing towards that.


Word on the streets is that “MYB that Demon Tunes Artist sabi sing oh” can you clear the air on that please.

(Laughs) Well, i can’t stop anyone from saying what they feel about me or my music. But i wont say am the best but i want to be better than the rest.


Homie, for the songs, I love that “Monica” track, I played it for my girlfriend and it drove her crazy, she was like “i wish you could sing like this dude”, c’mon what gave you such an insight to deliver such a track?

Literally that song “Monica” was a freestyle. The mentioned Produced ‘vasBeatz called me up that he made a beat i should come around. So i went to the studio, heard the beat twice and did what everyone calls out to now.

For Those Yet To Listen to the track Monica Cop It below

DOWNLOAD MYB – Monica (Prod. Vasbeatz)


I really love it!…well can you give us an insight of what you have in store for the industry this 2017

All fingers should be crossed because something big will be coming this year. Still working on a whole lot of new stuffs.


All been said we would like to know abit about your personal life,Like!! are you in a relationship? what is it about you that makes you who you are? some peeps say you are shy (laughs), how true is that? Because i dont see you as a shy guy..

My relationship life right now is kind of complicated. But we hoping for the best.. What makes me who i am is because of the people i meet and because of the way i have decided to keep myself. Am always a positive person and i have met a whole lot of positive people. Talking about my shyness, that’s true.


(Laughs)…I will Take That relationship status as Being Single… Well It was really Nice having you arround,and thanks for dropping by.

Lolz.. Its a pleasure being here. thanks for having me.


Any shout outs or something?

Sure.. A big Sharrawt to Fritzi, Vasbeatz, VikrezBeatz and odas that have been supportive. And also to magtrendz, You guys have been a back bone all the way. And also to my super fans God bless you guys. Don’t worry soon we will find “MONICA”




You Read It all people. Much have already been said By MYB, Lets Just sit Back relax and anticipate his forth Coming Surprises.

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